Family Liaison

Valerie Mejia
Family Liaison
South Amboy Elementary School

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Who are Family Liaisons?


Family liaisons are special staff members who work in your child's school. They help you get the information and assistance you need to support your child at home and to ensure the academic success of your child.


Why do Schools have Family Liaisons?


The family liaison work to establish and build successful working relationships with the families of children in the school. They welcome and orient families to the schools and familiarize the families with the school's cultures, policies, procedures, and practices.


What is the Family Liaison here to assist with:


Attend conferences and school meetings with you.

Assist you with completing school forms.

Explain school goals, policies, procedures and programs.

Provide information to you about school and community resources and services.

Encourage and arrange opportunities for open communication between you and school staff.

Encourage parent involvement and leadership in school.
Help you connect with any special help or service you child may need. When needed, make arrangements to have language interpreters at school meetings.

How to Contact the South Amboy Elementary Family Liaison:

Phone: (732) 525-2118 Ext. 2238
Monday -Friday 8am-3pm Speaks: English and Spanish.